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    Dear B…

    I never loved you. No, not really. I admired you. And I mistook that for love. But you know? You always will have a place in my heart for some reason. I never really talked to you and when we did it was only really brief or a comment about something. You know, I notice you keep on staring at me. Please, I’m not confused anymore. I don’t “like” you like that. It may have seemed that way, but no, it wasn’t. I always still watch you from afar for some odd reason.

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    Dear ex,

    I still love you. Always did.

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    Dear JAN

    It sucks. You liked me in fourth and in the middle of fifth, you know what? I started to like you. I really did. And in sixth? I still liked you. Seventh? I stopped thinking about you but still liked you. I just decided to focus on other guys and stuff. And in the middle of seventh grade, I found out that you still liked me in 5th. What could have been, right? But actually, no. You decided to go out with some girl while you still liked me. I was happy for you, but kind of sad? Well we stopped talking almost completely in sixth grade, I think. I was sad. In seventh, we never spoke to each other at all. Except that one time on that holiday. Which I started to like you even more. I wanted to talk to you more and more. You started to go out with another girl. It’s been a long while. Like almost a year now right? I heard that you broke up with her, but I’m not too sure. You deserve her though. You would be crazy to break up with her. She’s like an angel really. Kind, sweet, nothing bad to say about anyone. Those really nicey nicey people who it’s so hard to hate. If you guys are still together, I hope you guys will be happy and stay together in the future.

    Oh, and eighth? I’m really starting to think about you again. Reasons unknown. I tear up at night and I just feel like crying.

    I wonder if you still like me or think of me. I saw you looking at me with the corner of your eye in class. I wondered why. You never talk to me anymore. At all. It really hurts. You won’t even say hi. I wish you would at least say something to me.

    You know what’s weird? For some reason, I knew you would be like my soulmate or something. The one I would end up being with. IDK if that will happen… but I’m kind of hoping. I never had a feeling that I was meant to be with someone except you. I hope that doesn’t sound cocky or whatever.

    I wonder what you saw in me back then.

    -I’m in like with you, AND.

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    After I really saw you, I knew it was you. I can’t explain it, but I just knew. I don’t know if you still like me, but I really hope you do <3 You were the only guy who liked me for ME. Despite all those injuries I used gave you, you still stuck with me and liked me for some odd reason. I’m glad that you were my friend back then to get closer to me. Is it too late to be more?

    Submitted by http://iiangie.tumblr.com

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    I love you

    It seems like this website isn’t updating, so I guess my letters will be lost in here.

    I love you. I really, truly do. I never got to tell you. I haven’t. I’m scared of what will happen to our friendship and what you would think. I lost my chance and now I’ve lost you. You left. We went our different ways. I always think of you. Always. Those days when we were at our houses just messing around were the best. It’s been a year. Do you still remember me? Do you still think of me?

    I’m trying to forget about you, but the memories keep clouding my mind. I can’t forget. Part of myself doesn’t want to. You were the sweetest, funniest, cutest boy I’ve ever known.

    So I have to say, I love you.

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    i love you always and forever

    yes im not afraid to say that because i love you more than anything and im willing to spend every moment of my life with you, tahts how much i love you. i remember the first time i met u i was kind of a bad person ahah and then i still remember the first moment i started to crush on you. it a weird and fast moment but the smallest things can make a big difference.  im srry for what i had did that one time and im not regretful of it but im only regretful of it because that was a time that i had hurt you. im not regretful what i did because if that hadnt happen then we prolly wouldnt be where we are now. i love you. even tho were going to different schools and with everything in the way ill still try to work things out. :) and that time will come when well be able to be together. 

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